All Starts vol1 to be OUT april 2014!

Artists: Various Artists
Format: 12” Vinyl
Ref: FRV-014
Frigio Records is packing a bag and setting off on a global electronic music trip for the new series called “All Stars” and here we start with Vol.1.
First stop: Great Britain. Isle of Wight denizen I-Land Beat returns to Frigio following his excellent Cybernautics EP. The South of England artist doesn’t take any prisoners, dishing up a churning pot of atomic House. Stabbing synthlines call up memories of Altern-8 as chords rampage alongside samples and chopped beats for an especially spicy starter. Next, Korea. Pera Yang is a young exciting producer with a raucous message. From his digital album, TCNO1 , “Automagical” is chosen for some special vinyl attention. The track is a raging piece of industrially warped Techno. Pulsating beats jostle against one another before Yang sends all through the shredder.
A new name to the Frigio family follows. Honored Matres is the blackened acid moniker of Croatian artist Le Chocolat Noir aka Jasmin Yas (the man behind Disco Panonia.) 303 venom drips from beginning to end as claps, cymbals and snares dissect looping vocals for a dark and disturbing floor destroyer. For the finale Frigio returns home, Spain’s Vagon Brei, aka Victor Ramos, delivering “80861M.” The Spaniard is best known for his dreaming Ambient soundscapes on labels like Strange Life and Further Records, but here he is in playful humour. Warbling acid chords thrill, bending under skillfully programmed beat patterns for an intoxicating close. Round the world in four choice tracks.

33 rpm
A1. “Machine Politics” by I-Land Beat
A2. “Automagical” by Pera Yang
B1. “Liberation” by Honored Matres
B2. “80861M” by Vagon Brei.



Second Part of Lost Series by Juanpablo OUT NOW 2014! the series continue...


Artists: Juanpablo
Format: Transparent Color 12” Vinyl
Ref: FRV-013

Lost Series (Part 2) is the continuation of the series started by Juanpablo last year and as in part one, the music grows out of the darkest recesses of the natural world. These series are dedicated to creatures that are disappearing from this planet because of human colonization of their territory.

Four tracks have been skillfully constructed by the Colombian artist, each one leading the listener deeper into the mindset of the Frigio boss. On this second part, the music gets a more hypnotic feel with a less melodic approach but keeping the roughness and unique sound from its predecessor Lost Series(Part 1). In “Orca” Juanpablo gets together with Ekis, member of ArD2 project who delivered “2048 The Mixes EP” on Frigio03 a few years back.

“Polar” and “Glaciar” are developed with long, spiraling sequences, raw bass/drums patterns descending to produce a deadly dance-floor effect. “Orca” and “Iceberg” arrive with heavier atmospheres and some sci-fi feel. Special arrangements and vocal sampling have been employed to complete an exclusive landscape of sounds.
Drawing of animals by Felipe Rincón.

33 rpm
A1. Polar
A2. Orca (ft Ekis)
B1. Glaciar
B2. Iceberg

Worldwide Distribution by Rubadub –




Artists: Esplendor Geometrico
Format: 12” (Includes High Quality Poster)
Ref: FRV-012

Frigio is very honored to release the biggest and most important Spanish electronic project of all times “Esplendor Geometrico”. From the early 80´s until today, they´ve been delivering the most authentic, raw and powerful industrial electronics you can hear.

“Francotirador” which means “Sniper” is a track recorded back in 1989 and this record includes original plus 3 remixes by Sneaker (who previously did a remix for Twilight Ritual), Juanpablo (head of Frigio Records)and Spanish producer Vinz Vincenzo. “Francotirador” is pure analogue drums with a strong “tribal industrial” approach.

Although we are big fans of EG, we must admit that we didn´t know about this song until we heard Sneaker´s remix a few years back when he felt the need to try an even darker and versatile version of it. His remix is complimenting the original drum loop starting with rare stomping Chicagoesque drum work, switching from demonic string-chords to male vocal staccatos, rave hits and back again, finding it's point-of-no-return in a Sartre-like fulminant ending.

On B side, Juanpablo and Vinz Vincenzo get together to create a remix with two versions. Both versions keep the raw percussions from the original with some deep industrial sounds and added some drum elements to make it more groovy, modern and ready to burn dancefloors. Some dark vocals appear randomly to add more flavor to this mixture that we guarantee will be very hard to describe as usual on Frigio Records.

33 rpm
A1.Francotirador (Original - 1989)
A2. Francotirador (Sneaker´s Dunkeltier rmx)
B1. Francotirador (Juanpablo & Vinz Vincenzo rmx)
B2. Francotirador (Vinz Vincenzo & Juanpablo rmx)